What does Vietjet Air say when the Boeing 737 Max Licensed Aviation Department?

  • Tuesday, 17:10 Date 19/03/2019
  • Vietjet Air has signed a contract to order 200 Boeing 737 Max. As planned, the first one will be delivered in October.

    However, after the plane accidents related to this aircraft, Vietjet Air confirmed that the company has not exploited the Boeing 737 Max line of aircraft.

    “We are currently closely monitoring the Boeing 737 Max incident and there will be decisions regarding the operation of the aircraft after official conclusions and guidance from the aviation authorities are available. world and Vietnam Aviation Administration .. ”- Vietjet Air representative information.

    Currently, the company is exploiting the new Airbus A320 line, an average age of 2.82 years, including the latest generation A320 - A321neo.

    “We operate to the highest international standards, complying with European aviation authorities and standards (EASA), US aviation authorities (FAA) and Vietnam Aviation Administration - in that includes the approval of mining aircraft ”

    According to the world aviation industry standard, all aircraft of the world's two largest aircraft manufacturers (Airbus and Boeing) must meet the highest inspection standards and are approved by EASA or the new FAA. supply and exploitation in the market.

    Vo Huy Cuong, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Aviation Administration said that with Boeing manufacturer, Vietnamese airlines currently only exploit a number of lines such as Boeing 767, 777, 787-9. With the Boeing 737 series, before 1995, some aircraft were operated, and the B737 Max alone has no operators.

    Although Vietjet Air's B737 Max has not yet been delivered, but the existing contract and the standard plan are received, the Aviation Department has taken steps to prepare assessment and supervision in the future.

    Vietjet Air also reported to the Department about receiving Boeing 737 Max aircraft, but Boeing manufacturer has not provided type recognition records to Vietnam, so the review and evaluation steps for granting B737 Max type certificates has not yet been conducted.

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