In 1978, A decree had been signed by Mr Phung The Tai, chief of Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam (CAAV) to establish Viet Nam Aviation Vocational School belonging to CAAV of Ministry of Defence.

    On 24 March 1979, Major General Vũ Xuân Chiêm – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Defence has signed a decree No 290/QĐ – QP to form a vocational school for military officer & Aviation belonging to CAAV. The main function of this school is to train for basic flying officer including: pilot, navigator, Flight engineer of medium aircraft, basic training for fly commanding officer, Air commercial transport, In service certificate and vocational training, financial staff, air hostess and air traffic controller.

    On 14 November 1994, Minister of Ministry of Transport, Mr Bùi Danh Lưu has signed a decree No 2318/QĐ – TCCB – LĐ to transfer “Technology and Aviation vocational school” to “Vietnam Aviation School” belonging to CAAV with the function of vocational aviation training: Air Traffic Controller, Airport development, Air Transport and Aviation Electronics & Telecommunication. Since that time, Vietnam Aviation School becomes a member in national education system.

    On 17 July 2006, Deputy Prime Minister, Phạm Gia Khiêm has signed a decree No 168/2006/QĐ – TTg to establish Vienam Aviation Academy (VAA) with the original from Vietnam Aviation School. On 30 October 2006, Minister of Ministry of Transport has signed a decree No 2321/QĐ – BGTVT about Duty, Authority, Responsibility and organizational system of Vietnam Aviation Academy. Vietnam Aviation Academy became a university education of Ministry of Transport, acting under the Law of University signed by Prime Minister and having the first Admission in 2007 – 2008 with majors: Aviation Business Administration, Aviation Electronics & Telecommunications, Air Traffic Management. Besides, due to the requirement for Aviation Personnel, VAA has trained for vocational and short-term for majors: Air traffic controller, Aviation security, Business service, Air ticket booking, Aircraft maintenance, Air hostess…. To fulfill for Aviation human resource of Vietnam Aviation Field.


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