Training on both working and studying universities

  • Tuesday, 16:50 Date 19/03/2019
  • 1. Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautic Electronics – Telecommunication Technology:

    This is a 4,5 years training major for second degree students. The purpose of this course is to provide the knowledge and basic skill for students to develop their ability to apply the basic formation and technology skill to carry on working as technological engineer as well as being able to be flexible with modern technology and telecommunication electronics. To be qualified to work in offices and organization specializing in Electronics, Telecommunication and Aviation.

    After graduating, you will be a technical engineer with ability to manage, maintain and repair all tools and equipment in or outside of Aviation aspect. You will have an ability to work at Air management center, airports and telecommunication electronic center.

    2. Business Administration

    This is the program which belongs to Business Management major, educating part-time during 4 years and 6 months. The module is designed as mono-major, which is convenient for developing main and subordinate major.

    Aiming: Students are trained to be good enough at health, ethic and to be profound in knowledge to analyze and fix matters of Business and Aviation aspect. Having an ability to manage and support in Trading & Service and Aviation field.

    Graduates can work at International or Domestic airports other subsidizing organization that relates to Aviation and Business community. Moreover, candidates can become experts or operator in Aviation management, an ability to research and develop Aviation industry.

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