Airlines can cancel a contract to buy Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

  • Tuesday, 17:05 Date 19/03/2019
  • The global ban of Boeing 737 MAX is causing some airlines to reconsider the contract to buy this type of aircraft with Boeing.

    In the latest move, Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia Airlines) is reviewing a contract to buy 25 aircraft 737 MAX. Meanwhile, Indonesia's Garuda airline said it could cancel the purchase of 20 aircraft of this type from Boeing.

    After the plane crash in Indonesia, many countries banned flights for Boeing 737 MAX.

    Earlier, many countries and airlines around the world banned the use of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines killed 157 people. The aviation authorities have issued a ban on the 737 MAX line worldwide and Boeing has also halted the delivery of thousands of these small-bodied aircraft to its partners.

    The airline industry will be damaged if the ban on Boeing 737 MAX lasts

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